What is that Consent Mode and why do you need it?

Consent Mode is the answer to modern day problems such as missing data because of strict ePrivacy and GDPR regulations.

It fills the gap between collecting data from users who gave you consent to track their behaviour and users who don’t. 

How? Let’s believe it’s simple. Consent Mode is a special regime for tracking algorithms where there are no even pseudo-anonymous identifiers involved in data collection, but tracking is still enabled and the rest are machine learning models calculating missing data based on data you collect with consent. Let’s use some fancy words such as “look-alike modelling”.

Basically you can make decisions based on your data that are way more complex and accurate, instead of crying for missing data because of regulations.

You just want it. And it works for Google Marketing Stack products such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, DV360, Search… but it can be used for any other kind of tracking that supports it or has the ability to track in a privacy respecting regime. 

How do we track without Consent Mode and how it affects our data?

  • New users land on our page.
  • We do not have any consent yet so we do not track.
  • We lose data. Something between 20% to 80%.

This affects our performance metrics such as Campaign effectiveness related to online store performance and this is crucial for our business optimization.

All other metrics, such as content popularity, micro conversions, etc are corrupted.

How can we track with Consent Mode?

  • New users land on our page.
  • We do not have any consent yet so we track in the Consent Mode regime.
  • We collect data without any Personal Identifiers and Google Ads and Analytics will use this data to model conversions.

Both regimes compared

Accurate Conversion Rate Calculation


  • Your programmer or analytics administrator


Are you still hesitating?

There is a big business value in it. Don’t be shy and drop us a message. Our consultants will find the right solution for you and help with Consent Mode implementation.

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