Democratisation of Digital Data Using Google Data Studio

The Challenge

Major changes and digitalization of the ROCKWOOL company led to the transformation of how the data are being processed, reported and interpreted at the regional level.

At the ROCKWOOL Marketing Division, there are several levels of professionals and they all focus on particular data tied to their own business objectives and KPIs.

To create a cross-country unified and interactive reporting suitable for each group, a deep analysis of the data and data sources was necessary.


integrated data sources


countries involved


hours a year saved for reporting

The Approach

We have presented a strategy of the whole project which consisted of several segments:

  • Determining the main user groups
  • Identifying the most relevant data for quick business insights – after consulting professionals from the identified user groups
  • Utilizing the data sources (Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Ads, Search Console, YouTube Analytics, Big Query).

Data Studio Reports

One of the biggest challenges was to come up with the right dashboard structure so that it will cover the needs of the user group through the whole region (consisting of seven countries). Another challenge was to speed up the dashboards loading.

We have streamlined GA 360 data into BigQuery which served as a main source for the final Data Studio dashboards. To improve user experience as much as possible, we have also taken advantage of Extracted data sources.

“At ROCKWOOL, we strive to stimulate our marketing creativity with data- driven insights and Optimics has been a great partner on this journey.”

— Marcin Krzosek, Head of Digital CEE Marketing Department, ROCKWOOL

The Results

Consulting and advisory was a big part of our role during this project. We have built the complete architecture of the dashboards and we have also created the design of the dashboards.

The dashboard design was created with the user groups and their specific goals in mind from the start, so each dashboard reflects the needs of the particular user group.


Jan Roháč
Data Analyst
Jan Sehnal
CRO Analyst

Matej Veverka
Data Analyst

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