Ads hyper-personalized to every unique visitor

The challenge

A leading European automobile manufacturer provides its international distributors with a car configurator on their global and regional websites, allowing visitors to customize any of the company’s automobile offerings to their heart’s extent. With the goal of maintaining a seamless customer journey, the automobile company wanted to retarget website visitors with personalized ads that incentivized potential customers to return to the configurator. However, this task was deemed significantly challenging, as creating ads for millions of unique SKUs seemed humanly impossible. In 2020, the company decided to move towards integrating web personalization as a core component of their retargeting efforts.

Partnering with Optimics

A custom-tailored solution was designed with Optimics to create dynamic advertisement banners that are seamlessly integrated with Google Campaign Manager 360 to serve hyper-personalized advertisements to each website visitor. Image renders of the exact car configuration created by potential customers would be used in dynamic ad banners. Its CTA would frictionlessly resume the customer’s journey on the company’s web car configurator.

The solution

The team at Optimics developed a cloud-based solution that builds batches of dynamic ad banners with personalized target URLs on a mass scale. It integrates with the company’s on-premise legacy infrastructure and keeps the cloud data up-to-date with the company’s latest offerings via scheduled batch processes. This would mean that when a potential customer would leave the company’s web configurator for another website, they would be served a dynamic ad banner showcasing the exact car configuration they created.

The results

Thanks to the utility offered by Optimics’ cloud solution, 10 of the company’s international distributors requested access to run pilot campaigns, generating over 2 million dynamically creative banners and saving thousands of hours of manual work. Using Google’s Cloud Platform, Optimics made it possible to horizontally and dynamically scale computational resources to regulate costs and provide maximum cost-to-performance benefits. Even with a significantly higher CPC that comes with leveraging “rich-media” creatives, the campaigns set up by Optimics’ solution led to a 32% lower Cost Per Lead than previously run conventional marketing campaign advertisements.

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