Our expertise

The Optimics team includes consultants, analysts and developers who will guide you through all the phases of a long-term cooperation. We will gladly help to select the right data collection tools and provision them together with measurement architecture solution design, data privacy compliance features and integration with other tools within the client’s digital ecosystem.

Once the technical implementation of the tools is secured, we continue to build with the client his digital maturity through advanced activation of collected data, marketing automation and training of internal users.

Complex measurement

A correctly structured measurement is the basis for obtaining meaningful information about your users and customers, but also about the strengths and weaknesses of your website or mobile app. We can suggest how to set up your business measurement, interconnect you with advertising systems, CRM or other internal offline and online systems. Along with matching the data of various tools and helping you find your way around the obtained data and utilize it to increase your profits.

Advertising technologies

Trends, formats and technologies of the online world are changing so fast that even experienced users or agencies can lose pace. Thanks to our team’s impeccable overview and continuous education, we are able to recommend suitable advertising technologies. We have experience from both business ends – we can help you utilize tools from the perspective of both the publisher and the advertiser.

For publishers, we can offer the integration of the SAS 360 Match advertising system, advertising optimization in the existing advertising system for effective monetization or connection to the programmatic sales platform – Supply Side Platform. On the other hand, for advertisers, we can offer programmatic demand platform – Demand Side Platform (Display & Video 360) for real-time user purchasing or our experience in managing digital campaigns (Campaign Manager 360). We feel at home in the world of advertising.

Advanced data analytics

We enjoy analyzing data and bringing vital insight to internal teams, but we are even happier when we have the chance to prepare the data so that your team can use it to support their business or marketing decisions. While using well-arranged reports and automated dashboards, we will provide you with insight into the collected data and recommendations on the individual aspects of your digital strategy. That will allow you to make important data-driven decisions backed by bulletproof numbers.

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Consultations and training

In order to use our services, you don’t need to have a concrete idea of your requirements; you don’t even have to speak the same language as us. Thanks to dozens of successful projects for local and multinational clients across Europe, we are able to ask questions in a way that enables us to understand your needs, design solutions and guide you through them. Our experience and a detached view of your business allows us to advise you on the integration of individual parts of the systems and to find opportunities and areas of improvement. We can help and provide training and cross-platform consulting – whether you need tools for web and app analytics, A/B testing and content personalization, cloud platforms, optimization and serving advertising tools, business intelligence and data visualization, CRM, DMP or marketing automation. We would be happy to share our experience and prepare specialized training for your team, after which you would become experts.

Customized development

If your ideas about the perfect tool do not match what is available on the market or if your requirements exceed the usual standard, contact us. Our development team will listen to you and suggest a suitable tool modification or add-on development tailored to your individual needs. Multinational clients have taught us to adapt to the customer, their needs and management style including agile development methodology. We will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Business performance optimization

We can enhance your business performance in a number of ways. For example, we can optimize your e-shop, lead-gen web, landing page, campaign microsite, mobile app or a significant conversion element. With the help of simple visual and UX adjustments, we will improve the conversion rate of your website, the average value of orders or user engagement. We can find reserves in performance and discover new opportunities. We have designed, implemented and evaluated hundreds of A/B tests, examined visual analytics and countless user research cases – we can identify the assets of your website and what elements you should leave behind.

We use Google Optimize 360, Adobe Target and SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – if you are looking for a partner in the field of A/B testing and dynamic content personalization, we are the best from London to Tokyo.

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