The health benefits of Optimics

In the last article, you read about our working environment. Today, we’ll take a look at the health benefits we offer. 

We include the following in this area:

  • sick days 
  • budget for therapies 
  • sabbatical

Sick days 

Sick days are already a standard benefit for almost every company. For this reason, they must not be absent from our company either. As standard, we offer everyone five days per year that they can use in situations where their health is not at its best.

Budget for therapies 

We notice how demanding the world is today in many aspects, and very often this negativity has an impact on employees. For this reason, we have decided to set aside funds for those who need professional help in terms of mental health. This initiative is anonymous, and only our HR manager has visibility into the drawdown.


Sabbatical builds on the previous benefit. We offer our colleagues a month of paid time off, which they can use for recovery, rest, or finding a new meaning in life. We want to prevent our colleagues from burning out or leaving the company just because they don’t have enough space for mental rest.

What benefits do you offer your employees in this area? If you have any interesting tips for us, please write directly to our HR manager, Kristýna.

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