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It is Optimics’ goal to provide its employees with everything they need to increase their job satisfaction and happiness at work. Slowly but surely, they are also achieving this goal through benefits. Benefits are divided into categories, each covering a different aspect of life. Among the categories are Free time, Work Environment, Life Events, Finance, Health, and Learning and Development. We will examine all the categories and their benefits in the following articles. Let’s start with the work environment today. 

Benefits belonging to this category are: 

  • Socki – cultural budget 
  • 3D printer 
  • Flexible working hours 
  • Free snacks 
  • Choice of work equipment 
  • Cottage event 
  • Welcome party

Socki – culture budget 

  • In the office, the Socki is the budget toilet roll that hangs on the wall. 
  • This toilet roll can be used whenever three or more colleagues want to go out for a beer, take a trip to the theater, or otherwise spend time together. 
  • Our colleagues regularly brag about this benefit during our joint retrospectives.

3D printer 

  • The office has a free 3D printer and filaments of all different colors. 
  • It’s a little noisy, but if you print out a pink animal for our Office Manager, she’ll roll her eyes :).

Flexible working hours 

  • We don’t have any punchers! 
  • We make sure our clients have everything they need. It’s up to you when you work on the cups.

Free snacks 

  • A full fridge of food for snacks, a drawer full of healthy and unhealthy sweets, a shelf filled with nuts and healthy breakfast items, fruit, and last but not least, a mini fridge full of beer, kombucha, and cans of coca cola.

Work equipment selection

  • Every newcomer is asked what kind of equipment they prefer – operating system, brand, etc.
  • Of course, all within the budgets we set for the equipment. 
  • In case a colleague wants more expensive equipment, it is possible, he/she just has to pay the amount above the budget.

Chata event 

  • The most popular annual event of all!
  • We spend time together at a cottage in the countryside every year.
  • We also have handy colleagues who prepare a fight for the whole team. So the fun is also taken care of!

Welcome party 

  • Every newcomer who passes the probation period gets to experience their own party! 
  • It’s up to the newcomer whether they want to go to the pub only, to bowling mini-golf or even to the lasergame. It’s our pledge’s night, and our pledge’s night only.

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