Enhanced conversions. Why should clients have it?

Enhanced conversions have many benefits such as providing more robust conversion tracking. Clients who have struggled with inaccurate revenue figures or mismatched data between analytics and Google Ads need data accuracy. With the rise of user privacy, enhanced conversions are setting advertisers up for success in the future.


→ Reporting will be improved.

→ Conversions will be better attributable.

→ Optimization will be more data-driven. However, this is NOT meant to replace standard conversion tracking, but rather to enhance it.

Why should clients have enhanced conversions?

Greater conversion data

  • Data privacy laws and third-party cookie restrictions prevent measuring some conversions. With enhanced conversions, these can now be tracked!

Analyze data more reliably

  • Adjust campaigns with higher conversion rates with greater certainty, and set prices and budgets. You’ll be able to optimize considerably more successfully when combined with Google’s ‚data-driven attribution model‘ and clever bidding methods!

Improvement of your campaigns

  • Due to enhanced conversions modeling it improves your campaigns automatically.

The implementation of the EC on our client:

The entire implementation consists of these points:

  • Implementation of DL object – Collection of the user’s personal information and push it to the dataLayer (usually done by client).
  • GTM necessary changes – listening to the dataLayer and sending the user’s data as an object with corresponding Google Ads conversion (enhancing the conversion).
  • Testing of the solution.
  • Google Ads – enabling the EC and agree with Terms and conditions.
  • Google Ads – check of the status.

Implementation of DL object

Function example:

dataLayer = dataLayer || [];
‚event‘: ‚enhanced_conversion_data‘,
‚email‘: ‚tom.smith@gmail.com‘, // mandatory value. User's email
'phone_number': '+420777666555', // optional value. User‚s phone
‚address‘: { // optional value. User`s address. It should be billing address
‚first_name‘: ‚Tom‘,
‚last_name‘: ‚Smith‘ ,
‚street‘: ‚Main street 10‘ ,
‚city‘: ‚Prague‘ ,
‚region‘: ‚Bohemia‘ ,

‚postal_code‘: ‚150000‘ ,
‚country‘: ‚Czech republic‘

GTM necessary changes

First, inside the GTM container, we created all of the variables that would read the values from the dataLayer object. Then we created a new Google Ads variable and named it User-Provided data. This variable consolidates all the user information into one object.

a detailed picture of Google ads variables.
a picture of a variable configuration set up.
Inside of the User-Provided data variable we choose manual configuration and fill all the fields with variables from DL.
user-provided variable added to the Google ads conversion - set up.
Last but not least we add the User-Provided data variable to the Google Ads conversion we want.

Google Ads – signing Terms of Service

In the Google Ads you have to make sure your Terms of Service is signed. You can do it by going to conversion settings and approving Customer Data Terms.

A screenshot of a part where a client needs to sign terms of service.

Google Ads – enable EC in Conversion Action

In the Google Ads you have to enable EC in your particular conversion. You can do it by going to conversion settings and under EC section enable it using GTM configuration.

A screenshot of enabling enhanced conversions in action.

Test whether your enhanced conversion works

If you want to make sure your EC is configured correctly and everything is working fine, just open up conversion settings in Google Ads and go to the Diagnostic tab.

  1. Open particular conversion settings.
  2. Go to the diagnostic tab.
  3. In the status section you can see a green check mark which represents no issue detected.
  4. Impact shows you the benefit of EC in Networks.
  5. You can download the result of income for later overview.
testing whether enhanced conversions work or not

How to find out the benefit of Enhanced conversion?

You should see under Status of EC and Impact of EC when you open Google Ads -> Conversions -> Conversion detail -> Diagnostics. Search campaigns for our client improved by 3.44%. We can also download and save this information under the table, since Google says it will only be available for a limited time.

A screenshot of a part where to find out the benefit of enhanced conversions.
When you just set up your Enhanced conversions it can take up to 30 days to see the Impact:
A conversion diagnostics.

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