How do Looker Studio and Looker Studio Pro differ?

Looker StudioLooker Studio ProLooker platform
Free self-service BI tool  Meant for easy visualisation No SLAs and content management capabilitiesA paid version of Looker Studio with additional capabilities Comes with SLAs and content management. Appropriate for organisations with lots of users or business critical reporting that they need to manage and supportFocused on governed modeling, enterprise management, embedded data experiences, and developer tooling. Modelling built via the Looker platform is leveraged by Looker Studio and our Google Workspace productivity suite
Platform differences

How to buy Looker Studio Pro

For more information, including pricing, talk to a Google Cloud sales specialist.

Looker Studio Pro is available through resellers. This product is billed through Google Cloud. Resellers can order Looker Studio Pro for their customers as long as the customer has a different organisation from the reseller. 

Optimics is a certified reseller of Looker Studio Pro. 

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