Love Story Written by Artificial Intelligence

What about reading a short fictional story? We have prepared one for you. Or better said, we have instructed Artificial intelligence to invent one.

During the past weeks, we have been playing around with the OpenAI API, which is one of the leading artificial intelligence research companies in the world. Its newest generation of a language prediction model called GPT3, which uses deep learning to provide human-like text, was made available in public beta a couple of months ago. As truly tech-savvy nerds, we couldn’t resist getting our hands dirty and to test its limits on our own. 

So here we are with a short fiction. Topic for the story? What would Kuba Kříž do on cold February night, if he was not writing his brilliant article? 🙂 Check the result out:

Cold, February Night

Jakub sits in his room in front of his computer during the cold February night. He is bored, so starts chatting with a girl named Anja, who lives in a different country. Jakub and Anja are trying to find out if they are meant for each other. What are they chatting about? What are they saying? Are they going to meet each other? How will their meeting look like? It is too soon for such a question, it is just chatting. 

Suddenly somebody knocks on the door. It is Jakub’s girlfriend. She is very angry and jealous. Jakub has to make a choice. Will he choose Anja or his girlfriend? Not a hard question for Jakub. He closes his notebook. Anja is waiting for him. Waiting for the message from him, but not a single one comes from Jakub anymore. He has chosen his girlfriend. 

Jakub has prepared a hot tea. He and his girlfriend are sitting in front of the computer. They are chatting with each other. Jakub is very happy. He has chosen the real life. He has chosen his girlfriend. The real life is better than the virtual one.

What a moral at the end!

We are always here for you to help uncover the relevant ways to leverage machine learning and AI for your business. Don’t be shy and drop us a message. Better curious than sorry!

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