Modification of events in GA4 … … for mobile platforms?

Daniel Ondřej, Analytika, 28. 2. 2021

Google has relatively recently added new functionality to GA4, which you will not find in Firebase, it has the ability to edit incoming events before they are saved in analytics (and possibly in BigQuery).

Unfortunately, this functionality is only available for web streams.

However, two new buttons have recently appeared in the GA4 interface:

This is the mentioned functionality of modifying and adding new events, which is now easily accessible and it is not necessary to click on it through the administration interface.

And if you click on any of them for mobile streams, you will get the following message:

Event editing and synthesis for mobile app streams coming soon.

It seems that we can (after years) look forward to dynamic editing of events for mobile platforms, without the need to release a new version of the application.

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